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About Poclight About Nanjing Poclight Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Poclight Biotechnology") is an innovative and R&D enterprise focusing on the development of in vitro medical diagnosis (IVD) platform. We have R&D and production site of 5,000 ㎡, including more than 3,700 ㎡ of GMP workshops of 10,000 level and 100,000 level.   Relying on the patent platform of "Chemiluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer (CRET)" independently developed by Poclight Biotechnology, our company has developed a number of homogeneous chemiluminescence immunoassay products, covering clinical medicine, animal medicine, drug detection and other fields, with the characteristics of "precision, accuracy, low cost, rapid, small and excellent". Adhering to the Philosophy of "innovation, convergence, concentration, win-win".     Competitive advantage Poclight Biotechnology is fully engaged in the research and development and industrialization of “Chemiluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer” (CRET) technology. Our company has obtained the authorization of this patent, which is the only one in the world.   Our company has obvious competitive advantages in the IVD industry, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:   1、The world's leading 5th generation chemiluminescence technology At the technical level, the fifth generation chemiluminescence immunoassay technology is the world's exclusive, belonging to the underlying technology upgrade, and the company has complete intellectual property rights.   2、Full test items coverage with matching micro chemiluminescence In terms of products, we achieve extremely simplified and unique product design, which not only improves product performance, but also greatly reduces costs, and improves user experience in all links, whether terminal or agent.   3、Traditional POCT technology alternative innovation In terms of market, in the field of animal medicine to fully polish the technology and products; At the same time, the products are extremely compatible with the international market, and the foreign business supports the domestic clinical business to achieve differentiated competition. Domestic clinical business starts from the primary market, realizes the sink of chemiluminescence technology in combination with industrial policies, and then gradually occupies the secondary laboratory, tertiary emergency and bedside testing to realize the replacement of traditional POCT. Finally, it competes for the market share of tertiary laboratory under the industrial background of import substitution.   4、Global top returnee R&D team, super technology R&D strength In terms of talents, the core team is all graduated from famous universities at home and abroad, responsible for r & D, marketing, registration, marketing, production, etc. All come from in vitro diagnosis (IVD) industry, and have an average of more than 8 years of industry experience, team implementation, strong execution, strong technical innovation.     In The Future About animal diagnosis, we have reached cooperation with domestic agents to sell more than 2000 machines in three years. Meanwhile, international sales of pet diagnostics are well on their way. About the IVD, clinical test products are being registered and approved, and it is expected to get 10 second-class medical device registration certificates by the end of 2021. As a rising star of IVD, Poclight Biotechnology lays out the chemiluminescence golden track, makes use of innovative technology platform to grasp customer demand and seize the market quickly. It is estimated that the sales will reach 100 million in 2024, and sprint in 2025 to become the backbone of the fifth generation chemiluminescence technology.  
Latest News
Latest News
  • Vietnam Medi-Pharm 2024 successfully end
    May 16, 2024
    Vietnam Medi-Pharm 2024 successfully end
     The 29th Vietnam International Medical and Pharmaceutical Exhibition - VIETNAM MEDI-PHARM 2022 took place from May 11–14, 2022, at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace. Poclight Bio showcased our best-selling POCT CLIA machine, the C5000, at the exhibition and received much positive feedback from our clients. Customers said it is very impressive to see such a small and convenient POCT CLIA machine on the market.       Poclight Bio is an innovation-driven company focusing on homogeneous CLIA products for both humans and pets, using our own patented CRET technology. We are continuing to expand our footprint globally. Our goal is to help people around the world access accurate and affordable healthcare products.
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  • 2024 Medlab Middle East has been successfully held
    February 08, 2024
    2024 Medlab Middle East has been successfully held
                                                                                              February 5 to 8, 2024                                                                                     2024 Medlab Middle East                                                                                    Poclight Attended to Dubai at the appointed time!   Through in-depth exchanges and cooperation with global medical enterprises, Poclight actively promotes the internationalization strategy, which is not only strengthens the communication with partners and peers, but also provides new impetus for the market expansion of the medical industry and the international development of the company.                                                    Poclight is committed to expanding the international market, and looks forward to cooperating with colleagues in the global medical community in the future, so that the fifth generation of chemiluminescence technology can protect the health of people around the world, and jointly pave a wider and farther road of happiness for the world.                                    
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  • Chinese Spring Festival
    February 03, 2024
    Chinese Spring Festival
      The Chinese Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, is the most important traditional Chinese holiday. It marks the beginning of the lunar calendar year and is celebrated by Chinese communities around the world. The festival usually falls between January 21st and February 20th, depending on the lunar calendar.   Chinese Spring Festival has a history of over 4,000 years and is characterized by a series of cultural customs and traditions. It is a time for family reunions, feasting, fireworks, and various activities aimed at bringing good luck and warding off evil spirits.   Preparations for the festival usually start weeks in advance. People clean their homes thoroughly to sweep away bad luck and make way for good fortune. Red decorations are put up as the color red is believed to bring good luck and scare away evil spirits. People also buy new clothes, exchange gifts, and prepare special dishes for the festive meals.   One of the most important customs during the Chinese Spring Festival is the reunion dinner on New Year's Eve. Family members come together to share a traditional meal, which typically includes fish, dumplings, and other symbolic dishes. The festival is also associated with giving and receiving red envelopes (hongbao) containing money, which is believed to bring good fortune in the coming year.   During the festival, there are various cultural activities such as lion and dragon dances, traditional performances, and visiting temples to pray for blessings. Fireworks and firecrackers are set off to drive away evil spirits and bring good luck. Another major tradition is the Lantern Festival, which marks the end of the Spring Festival celebrations and is celebrated on the 15th day of the lunar calendar with lantern displays and the release of lanterns into the sky.   The Chinese Spring Festival is not only a time to celebrate the new year but also an occasion to honor ancestors, strengthen family bonds, and embrace Chinese cultural heritage. It is characterized by its festive atmosphere, rich traditions, and symbolic customs that reflect the hopes and aspirations of the Chinese people.
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  • Medlab Middle East 2024 Dubai
    February 03, 2024
    Medlab Middle East 2024 Dubai
      1            Medlab Middle East 2024 DuBai   Medlab Middle East, founded in 1984, is the largest laboratory equipment exhibition in the Middle East. It showcases the latest products and the latest cutting-edge technologies, attracting laboratory and diagnostic industry personnel from all over the world. Become a benchmark in the international laboratory equipment and inspection industry. The number of attendees is expected to reach 30,000 or more in 2024, making it a grand event for sharing knowledge, establishing cooperation, and promoting win-win results!   2 Poclight   Nanjing Poclight Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2019 and is located in the Biomedical Valley of Jiangbei New District, Nanjing City. It is a high-tech enterprise that develops new biochemical sensors based on resonance energy transfer technology and realizes industrial applications. The company has obtained a total of 76 NMPA registration certificates and 133 CE certificates. The one-step dry chemiluminescence-"CRET" technology that has obtained the underlying methodology patent aims to solve customer pain points and is good at accurate testing of small molecules and metabolism. For testing, the dry chemiluminescence immunoassay products that have been launched on the market can be transported at room temperature and have the characteristics of "precision, accuracy, cheap, fast and small". In the future, Puguang people will continue to adhere to the vision of "bringing more reliable diagnosis into life", promote high-quality development of the company with strong scientific research and innovation, and provide every user with portable, safe, accurate and reliable IVD testing products.   3 New Products                                                                                           Advantages of C5000   1. Single-serve packaging to avoid reagent waste   2. 2 freeze-dried microspheres, transported at room temperature, no cold chain required   3. The first sample takes 3 minutes. The reaction time is short and no pretreatment is required.   4. It occupies an area of A4 paper, eliminates the need for cleaning-free and separation-free modules, and reduces the size.   5. Fifth generation chemiluminescence resonance energy transfer CRET   6. Weight is about 6KG, easy to carry and highly flexible.   7. 7-channel detection meets clinical multi-item detection needs     4 Exhibitioon Site     The exhibition site was crowded, and there was an endless stream of customers who stopped to watch and showed great interest in our small light-emitting products. Some customers excitedly discussed with their peers, while others picked up t...
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